DigestAID on ACG Meeting 2022

We are proud to have participated at the American College of Gastroenterology Meeting 2022, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The role of artificial intelligence in the future of clinical practice in Gastroenterology was a hot topic at this meeting.

Our group is proud to have contributed with five high-quality scientific communications. Our pioneer study on the application of AI for the automatic detection of anal squamous cell carcinoma precursors has received the highest award by the American College of Gastroenterology – the ACG Auxillary Award – which is attributed to the two best scientific communications presented at the annual scientific meeting. We also had the opportunity to present the results of our pioneer proof-of-concept study on the development of an AI algorithm for application to anorectal manometry, which represents a game changing step forward to revolutionize the management of patients with anorectal functional disorders.

ACG Meeting 2022

Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

21-26th October 2022