Deep-Learning and Device-Assisted Enteroscopy: Automatic Panendoscopic Detection of Ulcers and Erosions

New paper out! What a way to start 2023. Our group keeps focused on the development of new advanced algorithms to make panendoscopy an effective reality. If it is true that capsule endoscopy is the way forward regarding panendoscopy, it is also real that it relies on device-assisted enteroscopy to complement its diagnostic role with treatment capacity.

In this paper, we show the preliminary results of our deep learning tool for the detection of ulcers and erosions in device-assisted enteroscopy. This tool adds to the existing solutions on DigestAID’s portfolio on tools to detect a wide array of lesions anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming a part of clinical practice and will constitute the connecting matrix between minimally invasive patient-friendly diagnostic panendoscopy with therapeutic techniques.

The article can be found here.